My Swim Life – Just Keep Swimming!

“I cannot Fly, but Swimming is the Next Best Thing. The Water is My Sky.”

04:45 AM, Alarm – Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. I got out of my bed and brushed my teeth. My mom came with a glass of hot chocolate milk. Yummy it was! Then I popped some dry fruits in my mouth, put on my shoes, got my jacket on and took my bag. Actually bags. They were two. A School Bag and another was a Training Kit. Dad was taking bike out of parking, I was murmuring some song and we rode to The Swimming Pool for the morning training session. 3 to 4 hrs of advanced training which ended around 8:30 AM. Then dad directly dropped me to the school and I was enjoying my breakfast on a ride from swimming pool to school on the backseat of a bike.

It was the same morning for 10 years of my life. Although in last few years dad wasn’t riding me to the pool and school. I was going on my own. Hahaha! But those were the days I miss so much today.


The 4 Gears – Swimming Goggles, Cap, Costume and Towel – have been always there with me since I was 8. Now in my office lappy bag, before that in my college bag and even before that in my school bag. I just love them. I carry them with me even if I am going to the desert.


And Yeah, I am a National Swimmer. I have competed in over 20 National Championships2 Sea-Swimming Navy Championships, won the award for The Best Swimmer Of The State and many more…

It’s all started in 1999. I passed 5th class and it was a summer vacation. My dad took me to the near by Sports Club to show around different sports and I had to choose one for my vacation activity. This time I chose Swimming. At a time goal was just to learn how to Swim. I had no thought of getting into competitive swimming. But it had to happen someway. So there was a club’s internal swimming competition at the end of summer vacation batches. And guess what? I won the First Prize, I just learned for 2 months and I defeated even elder kids who were practicing for a year. Here we go! Coaches suggested my parents and I started training for competitive swimming.

I started winning many local clubs competitions. Then I competed on state level and won there also. I was undefeated in my main events (50 mt, 100 mt, 200 mt Breast Stroke) for several years. Then I competed on a National Level for several years. I got the award for the best swimmer in 2007 and it went on. I competed at Inter-University National Championships in college and played water-polo as well. I was a Caption of a State Team and I even won the University Championship. Proudo Moment!

We trained really very very hard for all that. 6-8 hours a day. 2 sessions every day – Swimming + running / conditioning / stretching / weight training / cycling / cross fit and much more. At the end of each session I thought I was going to die.

But you know what? In every next session I was starting stronger than I was in the previous one. On some days we got surprises like “No Workout Day”. Our coach asked us to do whatever we wanna do. We played different games, did diving, played water-polo and had much more fun. We were group of 10-15 players. It was really fun. We used to train, eat, travel and enjoy together. I will never forget those days nor those friends.


For my swimming career credit goes to my lovely parents and a much-respected coach. Without them it wouldn’t be possible for me to achieve these heights.

I have an album full of news paper cuttings having press releases for all those wins. I have a big trophy case at home full of medals, awards and trophies I was traveling at least 6 times a year to participate in several competitions in different states and cities. I attended so many national camps. Woah, Camps! I remember those ragging. Seniors spraying a relispray in our pants when we were sleeping. Omg! And we did the same to our juniors in next years. Hahaha! 😀

Many times I fell sick, got injured, under-performed and missed competitions because of exams. Ups and Downs were always there. But overall It was a wonderful journey and it is still on. I really can’t complain for anything.

I am a Software Engineer. Currently working as a Business Development Manager in IT Company and also running my own Event Management company. I am a Music Lover and Party Animal. I Enjoy Reading and Love Writing. For Me to Travel is to Live. And I am also preparing for the next masters national swimming championships… 🙂

I love Swimming. About 70% of the earth is water. Can you Swim? Swimming works all muscles in your body from your head to toe. Builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. You can do it at any age. If you are tired, plunge in and relax and if you are full of energy then dive in and take your heart rate up. 😉

See you later, until then just keep swimming!

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